Prop24 is enabled on all coins

As of this moment, all of our coins have been switched to Prop24 payment method. We hope that it will create more incentive for solo miners to switch to shared pool.


The modified Prop payment system, the differences are described below:

1. Shares older than 24 hours at the time when the block is found will not be taken into account when paying a block reward.

2. When a block is found - the shares are reset to zero and the round begins anew, the 24-hour countdown also begins anew.

Brief summary: when using the Prop24 payment system, we eliminate the influence of the “old” shares as much as possible, which will allow us to calculate the reward more precisely when the block is located for miners connected to

Fee stays the same:

Shared pool: 0.9%

Solo/Party: 1.9%