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Use the form below to generate settings or .bat file for your miner to mine on our pool
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About our pool

We're happy to see you at our pool. We're doing all the best to make your favorite pool and a home for your rigs!
There are some basic facts about our pool:
1. No registration is required.
2. We do payouts in the currency you mine, no autoconversion!.
3. Payouts are made automatically every 2 hours for all balances above 0.1.
4. Every Sunday we pay out balances above 0.01.
5. For some coins, there is an initial delay before the first payout (confirmation/maturity time), please wait at least 6 hours before asking for support.
6. If you have any questions - feel free to ask at our chats. (Links below under "Contact us")
7. Solo mining is available. If your hash power allows you to find blocks regulary - you can try solo mining! (-p m=solo)
8. We offer individual conditions for miners with significant hashrate. Please contact @Ryuspb, @eu_genicum or ekze via telegram, or use our support system.
9. You can use our monitoring app for Android
Happy mining!


Newble guide to mining

How to start mining crypto with GPU / CPU

Guide is using t-rex miner as example, it works for most algos with Nvidia cards.
For AMD WildRig should be used in most cases. Process is similar for other miners.

Download and extract a miner from Software page
Go to the folder where the miner was extracted and edit any .bat file (or create a new one)
Editing example.bat: right-click on it and click "Edit"
Generate a connection string our bat generator and paste the result
to the .bat file you are editing instead of the example line
Close the Notepad and save changes.
Run the .bat file you have edited (you can rename it so you can easily distinguish between them)
Here's how the working miner window should look like:

In case of problems, add miner folder into Windows Defender exclusions list (miners often trigger false positives in the antivirus), make sure you are running latest GPU drivers and have a modern GPU.

This guide is using RVN (pre-kawpow fork) as example, replace with your coin of choice.

Login to your hive control panel on
Click on your farm and then go to Wallets tab and click "Add Wallet"
Save changes and go to Flight Sheets
Select your Coin, Wallet and Pool (if the pool isn't present you can choose "Configure in miner") and select preferred miner
If the pool wasn't present, go to "Setup Miner Config" and in Pool URL add "stratum+tcp://<PORT>"
(you can find suitable port on the main page
Save changes and go to Workers tab
Select all workers you want to mine with, then click on "Rocket" on top, select desired flight sheet and press "Apply".